Structured Cabling Systems


Structured Cabling Systems

Whether it be a simple home, or small business network, your structured cabling installation should and will be done in a professional and timely manner. Here at NET-Tech, customer satisfaction is priority and with the reliability and connectivity of a network infrastructure not only depending on the quality of its components, but on the quality of the installation, only quality products are used by a competent senior tech.

Depending on the size of your installation, all terminations from the user end will terminate in rack/wall mountable panels and can be patched into your network switches and routers as required. Using this system gives the customer the flexibility to expand or move work stations around as necessary.

NET-Tech is currently servicing London and the surrounding areas.

Due to customer importance, contact is preferred by e-mail only as live answer can be time consuming and irritate other customers. All emails are usually received and replied to promptly.

Email: [email protected]

**NET-Tech is insured by The co-operators**